Adult Bible Fellowships

Doxology Bible Church offers Sunday morning Bible classes for Singles, Men, Women, and Couples called Adult Bible Fellowships or ABFs. In our ABFs we focus on discussing God's truth while building relationships with one another. We offer ABFs during both service hours and there is an ABF for virtually every life stage. Feel free to visit several. Please stop by the Welcome Center Sunday morning for directions and room numbers.

9:00 AM ABFs

The Great Family Adventure - Parents with kids of all ages or

Foundation Builders – Adults in their 40s and 50s

Men's Bible Study – Men of all ages

Women's Bible Study – Women in all stages of life

10:30 AM ABFs

Eikon – Single adults (20's-30's)

B.A.S.I.C. Journey – Adults 40's plus; single and married

Act II – Adults in their 50's and 60's

Vantage Point – Adults in their 60's and 70's