March 13, 2020


We’ve been preparing for a moment like this since 1954. Here we go.  

We will not be gathering at Doxology on Hulen this Sunday morning. We will be gathering as Doxology all across our city this Sunday morning.

The prevailing wisdom from the experts we’ve consulted continues to be that gatherings of 250 or more accelerate the spread of Coronavirus across cities. Even if its symptoms aren’t life-threatening for most of the people who will get it, its effect on vulnerable people in our city and an overload on medical providers are both problems we don’t want to contribute to. We say we want to be the best church for our city; this is a way for us to do that. We believe this is what love requires of us.

Sunday morning, we’ll have a livestreamed family-oriented worship service at both 9:00am and 10:30am. You can find it at doxology.church/live

Doxology Livestream

Worship Together: If you’re in a Community Group gather together in one of your homes as families to worship together. If you have neighbors who attend Doxology (or who don’t attend church at all), invite them to worship with you too. Plan a potluck brunch and make it an event everyone wishes you could do every week… even while we pray we don’t have to do it another week!

Take a picture and tag us on social media. It would be an incredible encouragement to for Doxology to see Doxology be Doxology on location wherever you are gathered.

Ask the BLESS question together. Most weeks when we gather in community we ask, “Who has had a chance to BLESS a neighbor this week?” It’s an acronym that reminds us to: Begin with prayer, Listen, Eat together, Serve, and Share who Jesus is. Our desire (that stretches back to 1954) to be a church where everyone in Southwest Fort Worth is within walking distance of a community of people who really love Jesus and would really love them is a vision for moments precisely like these. Let’s BLESS the socks off the people near us in the days ahead.

If you’re feeling under the weather or need to be wise about getting out of the house at all these days, we totally understand! Even if you need to join us online by yourself this Sunday, we don’t want you to be alone during this season. Please email us at care@doxology.church so our team can be praying for you and following-up with you during this time.

Lastly, if I can pastor us all for a paragraph. Don’t forget: as Christ-followers we have the privilege of living every moment in light of Good News that is infinitely better than even the worst news. One of the best things we can do for ourselves and our neighbors during times like these is to remind ourselves of the Good News at least as often as we hit refresh on our bad news and breaking news feeds. Like we said a couple of weeks ago when we looked at Mark 4: even in scary, perilous, uncertain situations, Jesus is good AND great. The people who choose to live in light of that during days like these will be the people best positioned to hope and to help. Go and be Doxology!

I’ll “see” you Sunday. Let’s make it incredible.


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