CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!

Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!


Remember Easter Sunday? Us either.


Doesn’t it seem like a lifetime ago? And the sad part is, we didn’t even get to see you for Easter this year… and we just can’t get over that. So, we’re gonna give you a second chance to celebrate Easter this year. I mean, why not? Nothing else has been normal in 2020. That’s right, we’re calling it “Easter in September” and it’ll happen on the morning of September 13th at 9pm. Outside. In our parking lot.

And the great part is, you can just grab the family, and come as you are. We’re not expecting your Sunday suit or those Easter ties. Jonny wants to wear a batman suit? Abby wants to come as Elsa from Frozen? Bring them along! We love it. We’ll worship together, hear an inspirational message, and have some fun activities for the whole family. All we want is for you to show up. The truth is, we miss you, and we can’t wait to see you again. And what better way to kick off the Fall than to celebrate the greatest event to ever happen in history.

So, join us on September 13 at 9am. Can't wait to see you.

Easter in September FAQ:

Do I have to wear a mask?
Masks are optional for the outdoor gathering. We’ve consulted with several medical professionals and government officials and have been given the green light to gather outdoors without masks assuming do it wisely. We showed each other at the outdoor worship gathering in May that we’re able to just that. Obviously, you’re more than welcome to wear a mask if you need or prefer.

Are Chairs Provided?
Please bring your own lawn chair, camp chair, or blanket. The best/safest option is for your seat to be your seat. We will have a few seats available for those who forget or don’t have a chair or blanket, but they will be in limited supply.

Where should I park?
All of our parking lot entrances will be open. When you arrive you’ll be directed to the nearest available spot. If you need extra assistance follow the signs to our reserved parking for senior adults and single parents. Volunteers will help you find a spot and be happy to provide help carrying anything you’ve brought with you.

Will bathrooms be available?
Yes. However, to ensure social distancing their capacity will be limited. We’d advise you to do what you advise your children: at least try to go before you leave the house (!).

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