CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!

Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!


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We care about you. How can we help?

Doxology longs to be a church that helps people stay close to Christ and to others. Below is a list of questions we hope you’ll take your time to look over. At the bottom you’ll find a link to a form that will let you reach out to us if there is any way we can serve you.

1) How can we help you connect with Jesus?
Life with Jesus is rooted in prayer and taking in His word. The Prayer card and Bible Reading card we’ve included (also below) may be a great place to start - commit to spending time with each at least once a week. How else can we help you connect with Jesus?

2) How can we help you stay close to people who love Jesus and can love you in real, tangible ways?
We all need people near us who can cheer us on and hold us up along the way. Could we help you identify people near you who might fit the bill?

3) How can we help you BLESS your neighbors?
Whether it’s a firepit, snow machine or assistance through a crisis we love to help people love their neighbors well! Let us know if we can help resource you to BLESS someone around you.

4) How can we pray on your behalf?
What specific prayer requests can we be praying for you?

how can we help you connect?

Additional Resources

For many of us, we have encountered tremendous challenges over this past year. If you are wanting help with your marriage or finances, if you find yourself struggling with grief or with addictions, you are not alone. Doxology has care ministries on each of these topics that have continued to meet virtually through this pandemic. If you would be interested in learning more or connecting with them feel free to let us know.

additional resources

Growth Resources


“Pray without ceasing.”
- I Thessalonians 5:17

Use the “ACTS” method as an easy guide for a balanced prayer life.

Praise God for His love, His power and majesty, and his wonderful gift of Christ.

Admit your sins to God. Be honest and humble. Remember: He knows you and loves you still.

Tell God how grateful you are for everything He has given – even the unpleasant things.

This is a time we make requests to God. Make specific requests, both for others and yourself.

Here is a personal Bible reading plan for our series "Living The Dream: The Power & Pitfalls of a God-Sized Life."

Week 1: 1 Kings 1-2
Week 2: 1 Kings 3:1-1
Week 3: 1 Kings 5:1-9:9
Week 4: 1 Kings 10:1-13
Week 5: 1 Kings 11:1-13
Week 6: Ecclesiastes 1

As you do your Bible reading write down these four things in a journal:

1) Wow!
What amazed me the most?

2) Verse
What verse stood out to me?

3) Do
What do I need to do in response?

4) Huh?
What questions came to my mind as I read?