Dan & Joyce Lockwood

Launching the Next Generation

Dan and Joyce Lockwood have been a faithful part of the Doxology family for over 30 years. Throughout their time at Doxology, they have served in the youth ministry, Awana, women’s ministry, and through mentoring young married couples. Around 2015, after serving for 7 years with a young married class, Jay Felker (the Equipping Pastor at Doxology) approached them about mentoring with Eikon (the singles ministry). While Dan and Joyce were no foreigners to mentorship, they were uneasy about serving in a ministry that they felt ill-equipped to handle. “My first response was ‘nope.’’ Joyce says, “I don’t know anything about singles. I’ve never been single, and I don’t understand that life stage. The idea of serving there scares me. But one day, my daughter said to me, ‘you like my friends and my friends are single,’ and all of a sudden it didn’t feel so foreign.” Soon after, Dan and Joyce accepted and began serving with Eikon.

Although mentoring singles was new territory for the Lockwoods, they immediately fell in love with the people of Eikon. Dan says, “It was different than mentoring young couples. We always have events at our house, and we were used to people leaving after a couple hours to put their children to bed, but with Eikon, they will stay as long as we let them. They help clean up, they stay and talk, or play games. It’s a completely different vibe and it’s so much fun to share life with them. They are curious about their next steps, and it’s just fun to talk with them and show them what we’ve done, and the mistakes that we’ve made. We enjoy being the older couple that they can bounce things off of and get advice from.” Joyce adds, “We do as much as we can with them. We go to birthday parties, Ranger’s games, and lot’s more. Everyone just needs people to do life with, and we love doing it with them. We’re just here for them, and they know that they can call anytime. Their sense of community and friendship is amazing. It’s awesome how close this group of friends is, and it’s refreshing to see how they do life together.”

Beyond the Ranger’s games, weekend trips, and crowded houses, the Lockwood’s hope for those that are a part of Eikon goes much deeper. Joyce says, “Above all, we hope that they develop a deep relationship with Christ. Without that, there’s no hope, and there’s nowhere to go. We want them to find real community. It’s incredible to watch them grow. They’re vulnerable with each other. They have developed a deep level of trust. The level of care and openness they have is amazing.” Dan adds, “At our crowded house, we have someone share their testimony. It’s a 30-45-minute talk. There’s such a trust between them that they can share deep struggles and hard times. And they do that because they know it’s a safe place. More than that, they serve together, and they bond over serving together. 90% of them are involved in one of the other ministries in the church.”

For the Lockwoods, being a part of launching the next generation through Eikon has been a fulfilling and refining experience. Dan says, “Being able to use your wisdom to pour into the next generation and share mistakes has been so rewarding. The joy of having these people around is a lot of fun. It stretches us into places we haven’t been before. They have different experiences than our kids. It makes us rely on Christ to give them advice. We’re seeing issues and problems that we’ve never faced ourselves. We have been forced to rely on Christ to help them through things. Christ helps answer these questions. I’m not a counselor and not a psychologist, but it’s given us a new level of relationship with Christ to know how to pour into these people.” Joyce says, “We’ve gone through some really hard stuff with them. Relationship issues, deaths, job losses. It’s not been easy and it challenges us all the time, but it’s definitely worth it.” To those who are single and looking for a place to plug in, Dan says, “You don’t want to miss out on the friendships and relationships here. You need community. The support you get from a community like this is invaluable.”

Dan and Joyce are approaching 4 years of ministry with Eikon and continue to serve there on Sunday mornings. Eikon meets in Room 202 at 9:00am.