Training Grounds
Sundays, 9:00am

We believe that inside every single person is a leader. God created each of us uniquely with distinct gifts, abilities, and passions. During our time at Training Grounds we want to help develop the leader inside of every student.

For middle school students, we want to help them understand and articulate why they believe what they believe. We believe that the first step in leading others is by knowing yourself. During our weekly table discussions we'll be answering big questions about faith in Jesus, and helping middle school students understand how it impacts their day to day life.

High school students are being developed as leaders by leading the discussion with middle school students. Leading others is a vitally important part of making an impact on the world around you. Training Grounds gives high school students the opportunity to learn, to grow, to be coached, and even to fail in a safe environment. High school students end up learning even more when they are asked to lead a discussion on a particular topic.

Parent Resources

Jack Grimes, our Youth Pastor, would love to connect with you to help you better feel equipped. You can email Jack, or call 817-921-5200.

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