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Trust in Christ

Trusting in Christ for the first time is the greatest decision anyone can ever make, and we would love to help you along that journey, or to celebrate with you if you've recently trusted in Christ! Use the button below to connect with someone on our team.

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Baptism is an external celebration of a change that has happened in you. In baptism, you have the opportunity to publicly express your commitment to Christ and share with others the change that He has brought about in your life.

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Lunch with the Freelands

Whether you're brand new or you've been attending Doxology for years, we want to invite you to Lunch with the Freelands. This is an opportunity to meet our Senior Pastor, Chris Freeland, and his wife Kari. You'll also learn a little bit about Doxology Bible Church and get some tangible next steps to become involved.

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Launch Membership Class

Our Launch class will equip you with the information you need to successfully launch into the adventure of the Christian Life. You will learn how our church is organized to help us all grow by Connecting with Christ, Transforming in Community, and Engaging our World.

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Find a place to serve

We'd love to get you connected to a place where you can find joy in using your gifts and talents (or discovering new ones!) while serving the church and people around you.

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Join a Community Group

Community Groups are great environments to develop authentic, caring relationships, and to put into practice what we are learning about a life under God’s leadership. Community Groups usually meet in homes during the week and include interactive Bible discussions. The groups also have social gatherings and regular times to serve in their community.

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Engage your world

We believe that our God is a “missionary God” who pursues all people with a desire to reveal his glory. We believe that God has established the church for the purpose of showing and telling who He is everywhere we go. We must carry the good news from our neighborhoods to all the nations of the world.

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