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Take a step in your faith

We believe that everyone has a next step to take in their faith. For some, that might mean trusting in Christ for the first time. For others it might be to go public with their faith through Baptism. Or, for some it could mean taking a step towards serving or getting plugged into a community group. Whatever your step is, we would love to help you along your faith journey.

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Discover Doxology

Want to learn more about Doxology? Looking for a place to serve? Interested in membership? Discover Doxology is a three week class on Sunday mornings that will allow you to discover more about Doxology and ways in which you can connect with our church.

Each week will focus on a different way to connect and learn about our church. This class rotates most weeks of the year, meaning if you miss a week, you can jump back in to that class the next time it comes around instead of waiting months.

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Ask a question

We'd love to connect with you. If you have a question about our church or our ministries, let us know! Or, we'd love to know how your visit with us went. Is there anything we can do for you?


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