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Our hope is to develop women who are confident in approaching and studying scripture, applying it to their lives and inviting other women into that process...

Our hope is to develop women who are confident in approaching and studying Scripture, applying it to their lives and inviting other women into that process. We believe that our differences bring wisdom and aim to connect women together that might not appear on the surface to have much in common…things like age, life stage, etc. To us, Bible Study means relationships and community! We need each other! We were not meant to do this journey on our own, so we make it a priority to regularly come together and encourage and challenge each other. Our hope is that you would find this a place where you know you can come as you are, sharing your “real life” struggles and joys.

A Time For Women - Wednesdays - Spring 2024

January 17 - April 3

6:30-8 PM

This Spring we will read and discuss “The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving” by Mary DeMuth



A Time For Women - Tuesdays - Spring 2024

January 23 - April 9


This Spring you will have three studies to choose from on Tuesday mornings:

Choice #1
Causal Conversations: Study & Discussion of John’s Letters to Believers: A look at 1, 2, & 3 John and what we can learn in community from someone who walked daily with Jesus.

Led by Jazmin Caton & Sarah Guevara

Choice #2
“Emotionally Healthy Discipleship: Moving from Shallow Christianity to Deep Transformation” by Peter Scazzero

Led by Catherine Horton & Sandi Dietrich

Come join us as we read through the book, “Emotionally Healthy Discipleship” which introduces the idea that discipleship that leads to deep transformation addresses traditional spiritual disciplines as well as emotional maturity. In this class, we want to deepen our discipleship through addressing things like boundaries, family of origin, Sabbath, and more, all through a biblical lens. We hope to deepen our view and practice of discipleship for ourselves and for those we are leading through recognizing the importance of emotional maturity.

Choice #3
“Building a Resilient Life: How Adversity Awakens Strength, Hope and Meaning” by Rebekah Lyons

Led by Christy Opitz & Sherri Whitener

Adversity can knock you down – or awaken your heart. It can lead to discouragement – or guide you toward change.
It can trap you in despair – or be a gateway to peace. Writing as a friend who has walked through difficult times, Rebekah Lyons reminds you that life’s struggles always come with a choice: "Will discouragement, stress, and fear cause you to crumble, or will you embrace the strength you’ve already been given?”



IF:Local at Doxology

February 23-24

6-10 PM, 9AM-4:30PM

IF:2024 is a chance to gather. A reason to celebrate. A moment to refocus on our mission to go make disciples because we know our time on earth is short. And if Jesus were to come back in our lifetime, wouldn’t we want to have done everything in our power to reach every person on earth?

IF:2024: The 10-Year Celebration.
Let’s Mark This Moment.



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