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Whether your marriage needs restoration or refinement, re|engage groups offer hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through stories of grace, teaching and small groups. This ministry is geared to help couples of all ages and stages grow in God's plan for marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does re|engage begin and how long does it last?

re|engage meets on Wednesday nights throughout the year. We are starting new groups almost every month so newcomers are able to come at any point and quickly get placed into a group.

Can I just come and visit, or do I have to commit to something?

Until you join a closed group, there is no commitment necessary. Your first night you will join us at 6:30pm for a large group time of praise and worship and a teaching or testimony, and then you will go to the open group. The open group is a great place for you to hear more about the heart and history behind Re|Engage, and give you a chance to ask any questions that you might have.

Do you provide child care?

Yes, we do provide childcare for children 0-12 years old at no cost. They can be dropped off downstairs in the Children’s check-in before Re|Engage large group, and must be picked up by 8:00pm.

Community Groups

Various Days

10:00 am

We were made to belong. We each have a longing and void that can only be filled when we experience community. In the New Testament we see the followers of Jesus living in close fellowship, generously sharing what they had, and eagerly serving one another. It was a beautiful picture of the community that God has designed for us to experience. We dream of a church where everyone can experience that kind of belonging, support and spiritual growth in community groups. We envision a time when there is a Community Group in every neighborhood in Fort Worth, so that every person in our city would live within walking distance of a group of people who love God, love each other, and love their neighbors. For this series on the life of Joseph we are challenging everyone to jump into community and study this series together. So whether you are interested in joining a group, or would be willing to host a group for this series we would love to connect and help you find that place to belong here at Doxology.


Study Day

December 8

12:00 pm

Needing to prepare for finals? College Students, join us for a day of quiet study rooms, fast wifi, free food, and various games. (No registration required - just show up and attend!) ----- In order to make Study Day a success, we need various volunteers to help bring food, supplies or volunteer their time during the event! Use the "Volunteer Sign Up" link to sign up to help us serve the students at this event! (There are 3 tabs on the sign up form, one for food, one for volunteers and one for materials.)


CHRISTmas Conversations

December 6

6:30 pm

With all the events surrounding Christmas, you will have opportunities to connect with family members, neighbors, or co-workers who don't have a relationship with Christ. What if you had some simple ideas and tools for starting meaningful spiritual conversations? This workshop will provide you with tools and practice in creating spiritual interest and exploring the good news of Christmas.


Engaging Christmas at South Hills Elementary

November 27-December 4

10:00 am

God's greatest demonstration of His generosity is the gift of Jesus coming to Earth. As a church, we want to follow the teaching that we are to grow in our faith by looking more and more like Him. One way we can do this is by loving people that Jesus loves; serving vulnerable and overlooked people. We have the opportunity to provide clothing and gifts to under financed students at South Hills Elementary. The school will provide ages, sizes, and interests of these kiddos and we get the fun part of providing for their needs. At the table in the lobby you can sign up and get the information about 1 or more of these students. Or, scan the QR code and a student or student will be assigned to you.


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