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Discover Doxology

Want to serve here at Doxology, but don't know where or even what the options might be? Join us at Discover Doxology to discover all the possibilities for serving at Doxology Church! Click the button to see our next class date and to register.

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Care Ministry

Our Care Ministry Teams seek to create environments that are authentic and engaging. The team consists of premarital mentors who connect with newly engaged/married couples during a class as they facilitate discussion, meet up for dinner, and answer questions couples may have. At Re|engage, our marriage ministry, leaders facilitate a small group of married couples through a set curriculum. They are responsible to model authenticity, facilitate open discussion, and always point back to dependence on God’s grace. In addition, there are facilitator roles within our DivorceCare, GriefShare, and Recovery classes.

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Children's Ministry

At Doxology Kids, our mission is to develop Christ-centered kids who make a difference. Leaders create a spiritually nourishing environment for children every time they enter the classroom. Small group leaders build intentional relationships to facilitate life transformation that comes through knowing Jesus. Worship leaders create a worship experience where it is easy for kids to connect with Christ in community. The media team consists of various roles that work together to produce the Sunday morning worship experience. Training is provided - no experience needed.

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College Ministry

Our Encounter volunteers provide support for college leadership students. Huddle Home hosts are couples who open their homes to college students and their coaches and provide a homecooked meal. Coaches are volunteers who mentor a small group of 2-4 college students and facilitate accountability and equipping for their students, as well as participate in Huddle Homes. General volunteers are people who are willing to step in and help with food needs, as well as serving at Study Day in a varitey of positions.

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Community Groups

Community Groups are great environments to develop authentic, caring relationships, and to put into practice what we are learning about a life under God’s leadership. Community Group Leaders oversee the schedule, making sure that someone is prepared and ready to facilitate, and that members are supported and cared for. Hosts are in charge of both opening their home for meetings and coordinating with others in the group to also be willing to host group gatherings. Groups also regularly plan service opportunities and social events and often involve a point person for both of those types of events.

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Design & Communications

Our Design & Communications volunteers help spread the word about what God is doing around Doxology. There are lots of ways to join in! Our photography and videography volunteers help out by taking photographs or videos of our Sunday morning services or events throughout the week. Storytelling volunteers interview members of the congregation and compile print stories for our worship guides or online stories. Social Media volunteers write captions and post photos for our online social media presence.

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First Impressions

First Impressions is all about creating a space that breaks down barriers to the Gospel and helps people take their next step towards Connecting with Christ, Transforming in Community, and Engaging the World. We believe every person has a next step to take and that next step is easier when you are greeted with a smiling face from our Door Greeters, a helpful hand from our Parking Team, a guide around campus from our Next Steps Team or Guest Kiosk, and a warm cup of coffee to drink from our Coffee Team. First Impressions hopes to create a space where every person knows they are welcome here, just as they are.

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God has called all of us to engage our world! Begin right where you live as you love your neighbors. Serve in a local elementary school where you can teach reading to 1st graders, mentor at-risk students, or provide an after-school Bible club. Serve in Fort Worth ministries addressing issues like refugees, crisis pregnancies, and homelessness. Or learn how you could go on a short-term mission trip.

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Prayer Ministry

We believe that prayer changes lives. Do you have a heart for prayer and a willingness to intercede on behalf of others? Our Prayer Ministry is a great place to serve. There are several ways to be involved that provide flexibility to meet your schedule. That’s the beauty of prayer- we can serve by praying for others from anywhere, at any time. Click on the link below and we’ll be in touch with more info on various opportunities to serve within our Prayer Ministry.

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Production & Online

Our Production & Online Teams serve to create environments that are engaging and authentic. The Online Team consists of Chat Hosts who connect with viewers during our live services. They answer questions, encourage viewers and seek connect them to community. The Media Team consists of various production and tech positions that serve on Sunday mornings or during weeknight Student services including camera operators, lighting designers, sound engineers and everything in between. Training is provided - no experience needed.

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Women's Ministry

Our goal is to develop women who are confident in approaching and studying Scripture, applying it to their lives and inviting other women into that process. In order to bring women into this relational process, we have many different ways for women to serve. Some of those opportunities are teaching and leading both large and medium sized Bible Studies, co-leading community groups, providing resources and prayer support for our teachers, mentoring and coaching other women through life as well as helping plan special events.

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Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry Volunteers serve not just our Sunday mornings, but throughout the week in multiple venues and spaces. We want to help develop vocalists and musicians to multiply a Worship Culture throughout our church! Click on the link below and we'll be in touch with next steps!

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Youth Ministry

Small Group Leaders are helping facilitate Christ centered conversations that make a difference. As a small group leader, your role is to love Jesus and to love the students, so you can continually point them to Jesus who can lead them to a lifelong faith. Our First Impressions Team welcome students with greetings from the curb to the front doors to the entry of the Loft. These teams open doors, greet guests, check in students, welcome VIPS, serve food, provide directions, and get to know everyone that comes through the doors. We want to remove some of the distractions that will help them focus on the message of the gospel and help our guests take their next step toward Christ.

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