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Tuesdays, 7pm


We were made to belong. We each have a longing and void that can only be filled when we experience community. In the New Testament we see the followers of Jesus living in close fellowship, generously sharing what they had, and eagerly serving one another. It was a beautiful picture of the community that God has designed for us to experience. We dream of a church where everyone can experience that kind of belonging, support, and spiritual growth in community groups. We envision a time when there is a Community Group in every neighborhood in Fort Worth, so that every person in our city would live within walking distance of a group of people who love God, love each other, and love their neighbors.

Community groups are at the heart of our ministry. It's in community where life transformation happens. Join us for any of our groups throughout the week! We have groups that meet at multiple places around Fort Worth, so regardless of what school you attend (TCU, TCC, etc.), you will find a group that works for you!

If you are out of college and in your 20s, Doxology Young Adults is for you! Our ministry exists to see young adults all across Fort Worth come to know Jesus and grow in relationship with Him. We have weekly community groups, monthly worship nights, and fun community events throughout the year. Whether you have been a part of Doxology for a while or are just curious about who Jesus is, reach out to us! We would love to connect with you.

At Doxology Kids, our mission is to develop Christ-centered kids who make a difference. We know that this type of transformation only comes through knowing Jesus! We partner with parents by providing support, resources, and a spiritually nourishing environment for children every time they step through our doors.

Our hope is to develop women who are confident in approaching and studying Scripture, applying it to their lives and inviting other women into that process. We believe that our differences bring wisdom and aim to connect women together that might not appear on the surface to have much in common…things like age, life stage, etc. To us, Bible Study means relationships and community! We need each other! We were not meant to do this journey on our own, so we make it a priority to regularly come together and encourage and challenge each other. Our hope is that you would find this a place where you know you can come as you are, sharing your “real life” struggles and joys.

We want to develop the next generation to be Christ-centered people who make a difference; helping them to show and tell who God is wherever they go! We do so by partnering with parents through providing support and resources for discipleship within the home, while also providing spiritually nourishing environments every time a student steps through our doors.

We believe that our God is a “missionary God” who pursues all people with a desire to reveal his glory. We believe that God has established the church for the purpose of showing and telling who He is everywhere we go. We must carry the good news from our neighborhoods to all the nations of the world.

The mission of Doxology College is to reach the nations through the campus by making disciples who make disciples. Everything we do revolves around this main goal in many different ways. We host community groups throughout the week so that students can get connected to life-changing community. We hold a large group gathering (Encounter) on Tuesday nights at 7pm and have various fun events during the year. Additionally, we take trips over Spring Break and summer to nations all over the globe as we seek to engage our world with the Gospel.

We want to develop Christ-centered students who make a difference; helping them to show and tell who God is wherever they go! We do that by connecting them to Christ, transforming them through community, and giving them tools to engage their world!

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Encounter is our large group gathering that meets on Tuesday nights @ 7pm. Join us! Connect with new or old friends, worship God, grow in your relationship with Christ through Biblical teaching, and be sent back out into the world with the Gospel. And an added bonus–free snacks!



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March 8-17, 2024

Join our team as we will be meeting students, developing relationships, and sharing the Gospel on a local college campus. We will also hold cultural events in the hopes of helping these students connect with a local church community. Students will be able to develop community and make life long friends while growing in their faith by engaging with different cultures.




March 9-16, 2024

Come join us for a week of serving others while getting to show the love of Christ to local families in the area! We will build stoves, build houses, and set up medical clinics, all in hopes to spread the Good News. Students will be able to develop community and make lifelong friends, while growing in their faith by engaging with different cultures.


SE Asia


May 15 - July 5, 2024

Summer Project is an 8-week opportunity for students to experience how God is working among the nations! They will work with local partners by going to the campus & building relationships with students in hopes to share the Gospel. Students will also be able to develop community and make lifelong friends, while growing in their faith by engaging with different cultures throughout their summer.


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