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We know that being on a mission for the Gospel starts right where you live. It starts inside your home and inside your neighborhood. We believe that if we want to reach the world, we must first reach our neighborhood. It’s our hope at Doxology that we would reach South West Ft. Worth by having a Community Group within walking distance of every Neighborhood. Will you join us?

Block Map

The Art of Neighboring may be overwhelming at the beginning and you may not know where to start. Well, we are here to help! We use this “Block Map”. It is the number one tool we use in reaching our neighbors. The first step is to fill out the 8 squares with the names of the 8 houses, apartments, or dorms around you. This may mean an awkward “Hello, I'm…” after living next to them for 3 years, but we also know that this is the beginning to endless opportunities in the future!


Love Where You Live

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s not an accident you live where you live? In the specific house where you live. On the specific lot that it sits? We want to give you some really simple tips, ideas and encouragement so that you, too, can be a part of what God is doing in neighborhoods all across our city, and all around the world. All through normal, ordinary, terrified, people like you and me, who simply decided to love where they live.

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