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Fort Worth | For Good Update


10:50 am

It's hard to believe it's been nearly two full years since we first came to you with a vision for our church (and from our church) called Fort Worth | For Good: A multiplying model of church where different congregations with unique expressions of the same DNA serve as hubs to develop and deploy Christ-centered neighbors toward every neighborhood in our city. And a great big investment in a local school that's just a short walk from Doxology Southwest where some kids (for a variety of reasons) need a little extra support to thrive and flourish. That feels like just yesterday. Until you begin to look at what's happened since that time. Watch a short video from Chris below to hear what's been happening with our vision to bring Good to Fort Worth. And to find out where we go from here.



Community Groups

Various Days

10:00 am

We were made to belong. We each have a longing and void that can only be filled when we experience community. In the New Testament we see the followers of Jesus living in close fellowship, generously sharing what they had, and eagerly serving one another. It was a beautiful picture of the community that God has designed for us to experience. We dream of a church where everyone can experience that kind of belonging, support and spiritual growth in community groups. We envision a time when there is a Community Group in every neighborhood in Fort Worth, so that every person in our city would live within walking distance of a group of people who love God, love each other, and love their neighbors. For this series on the life of Joseph we are challenging everyone to jump into community and study this series together. So whether you are interested in joining a group, or would be willing to host a group for this series we would love to connect and help you find that place to belong here at Doxology.




Wednesdays (Starting Jan 10)

12:00 pm

Pray:Doxology is a Mid-Week/Mid-Day prayer opportunity for our congregation in 2024. The heart behind Pray:Doxology is to provide an environment that is devoted to prayer, while being a good environment for a person to develop in prayer, as we contend for spiritual movement in our own hearts, awakening in our city, and revival in our world.



Serve the City

March 2nd

8:00 am

"Serve the City" one-day event will give you exposure to local ministries that are making a difference in our city. Your family, community croup, or class can sign up to serve together with one of 7 different ministries around Fort Worth. Project locations and time commitments vary, and the number of participants is limited for each project.



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