CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!

Come celebrate Christmas at Doxology all month long!


Doxology Stories

Stories to Watch

Reyna Estrada


Ruben Cabral

Engaging Your World

Rachelle Tensley

Connect with Christ

David Elizalde


Cameron Sanderson

How would we have church outside?

Luke Thompson

Ministry in the middle of COVID

Lilly Cristy

Meeting the Neighbors

Connor and Emma

Staying Connected

Jana Hunsley

Finding a Family in Community

The Love Family

Community Through the Good and the Bad

Stories to Read

Dan & Joyce Lockwood

Being able to use your wisdom to pour into the next generation and share mistakes is so rewarding.

Launching the Next Generation

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Rob & Cate Wiggins

My love, joy, and faithfulness are contingent on circumstances. His providence is contingent on nothing.

Resting in an All Sufficient God

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Becca Howe

"We have the great privilege of sharing the love of Christ with people- and the world sits up and takes notice when we share God’s love to others."

Called to the Nations

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Robert & Kathy Stroup

"I know the peace that comes from knowing God, and I want to share that with my neighbors. And getting to know our neighbors better is an awesome byproduct."

Gospel Neighboring

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Dann & Anna Marie Mosteller

God, if you want to take him, take him. If you want to leave him here, leave him completely. But whatever you decide, let it be for your glory.

"God sent an army to take care of us"

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Ashley West & Logan Nettles

"When you make room for others, you make room for the Lord to show up, and He does show up- even when it’s hard."

Making Room for Others

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Joe & Lisa Johnson

“I don’t know at which point I lost the power of choice – to drink or not to drink, but I could not not drink. It was scary.”

Recovery & Redemption

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The Elizalde Family

“Community existed before tragedy happened”

Community in the Storm

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Tierra Matthews

"God’s people are worth knowing. We were created to be in community."

Community: A Light in Tragedy

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Jim Van Leeuwen

"We felt lost and in upheaval. We knew we had our basic needs met, but we were very alone."

Finding a Family

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Jason & Chelsea Ross

"If God can redeem the stories we’ve heard, and the story we’ve lived, He can redeem yours."


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Rob & Christen Forsgren

"I can’t imagine not having Jesus in the center of our marriage. Without the foundation of why and what we do it for, the hard times wouldn’t be worth it."

Hope and Healing

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Greg & Lindsey Ralston

"There’s nobody better than a neighbor to reach out. Don’t worry about their reaction, God will provide the response in their heart that He has planned."

Nobody Better than a Neighbor

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Dennis & Lochie Opitz

"There is no comparison between someone who simply goes to the service and then leaves versus someone who connects to a community in the church."

Making a Big Church Feel Small

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